Resources and information about employment with a voice disorder

Navigating work is a challenge for everyone and it’s especially hard when your voice may cause you problems.  While it’s natural for people with voice disorders to withdraw from others, if you do that at work you put your livelihood in peril. You must meet each requirement of the job – including using your voice. In this section, we have assembled content and resources to aid you in your success in your job. We cover a wide range of topics specific to people with voice issues in the context of working and it is our hope you find the answers you are seeking.

Low Vocal Interaction Jobs

Advice from career expert Dorothy Tannahill-Moran Professionally, Dorothy Tannahill-Moran is known as the “Introvert Whisperer,” helping people to find career success by providing unique, actionable

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Embrace Your Voice

Advice from CEOs with voice disorders — “Embrace it!” We interviewed two CEOs with spasmodic dysphonia, Kevin Hancock from Hancock Lumber and Jaime Schmidt from Schmidt Naturals.

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Voice and job performance

Advice from career expert Dorothy Tannahill-Moran, don’t let your voice get in the way of performing your job Professionally, Dorothy Tannahill-Moran is known as the

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Getting Hired Partnership

Connecting those with disabilities with prospective employers The NSDA has partnered with Getting Hired, a recruitment solution company dedicated to helping employers search for and

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Is SD a disability?

SD can be considered a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Many individuals with voice disorders may not realize that their conditions can be

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