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Welcome to our Podcast Page! We’re proud to feature volunteers with assorted voice disorders who bring unique perspectives and stories to your podcasts. We also have a robust network of professionals in the field of voice, including laryngologists, speech-language, and researchers. 

What can our community bring to your podcast?

By featuring a guest with a voice disorder, you’re amplifying voices and fostering inclusivity within your podcast community.

  • Diverse Perspectives: Guests with voice disorders bring unique life experiences and perspectives that are often overlooked by the general public.
  • Inspiring Stories: Their journeys of resilience, adaptation, and triumph over challenges serve as powerful narratives that captivate audiences and inspire listeners.
  • Educational Insights: Explore communication strategies and the impact of voice disorders on all aspects of daily life.
  • Impact on Employment: Learn about workplace challenges and perspectives employers need to have when working with people with these disorders and the general public.
  • Engaging Conversations: From personal anecdotes to professional expertise, discussions with guests with voice disorders spark engaging conversations that resonate with diverse audiences.
By featuring experts in the field of voice on your podcast, you not only provide valuable content to your audience but also position your show as a trusted source of information and inspiration for anyone interested in vocal health.
  • Educational Content: Experts share the latest research findings, treatment options, and best practices to educate your audience about voice-related issues. Listeners gain valuable information that can empower them to take proactive steps toward vocal health.
  • Practical Tips and Strategies: Experts can offer practical tips, exercises, and strategies for maintaining a healthy voice, improving vocal performance, and managing voice disorders. These actionable insights resonate with a wide range of listeners, from professionals to voice enthusiasts.
  • Case Studies and Stories: Drawing from their experiences working with patients and conducting research, experts can share compelling case studies and stories that illustrate the challenges and successes in the field of voice care. These narratives engage listeners and highlight the human side of voice-related issues.
  • Trends and Innovations: Experts can discuss emerging trends, technological advancements, and innovative therapies in the field of voice care. Keeping your audience informed about the latest developments keeps your podcast relevant and engaging.

Contact us to learn more about the podcast program and how we can collaborate to foster genuine and impactful conversations featuring voices that deserve to be heard.


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This podcast is about the field of speech pathology, including its clinicians, research, and patients. Dysphonia International partnered with podcast host Aidan Osborne to feature members of our community.

Participant Perspective
"Participating in the recording of a podcast was a very relaxed and supportive way to share my voice journey. I felt privileged to help podcast listeners see how a real person is affected by spasmodic dysphonia."
– Eileen
Host Perspective
"Prior to starting my own podcast, I consumed a variety of speech-language pathology-related media. While these sources tended to cover our field's research and the perspectives of clinicians, it seemed as if the patients we serve were not routinely included. Not all SLPs will have the chance to speak directly with someone with a particular voice disorder during graduate school or their early training. It is my hope that these podcast episodes can aid in their understanding of the ways in which voice disorders impact individual lives as hearing about this lived experience is invaluable."
– Aidan Osborne | Speech Path Pod
Participant Perspective
"In sharing my vocal journey of overcoming paralysis and tension, I've come to realize that our voices carry not just our words but our resilience and strength. Through podcasting, I amplify not just my story but also the stories of countless others who are finding their voices amidst adversity."
– Andrina
Participant Perspective
"Since contacting Dysphonia International, I have learned much about my voice condition. There appears to be very little known about these vocal problems in the UK, so I enjoyed doing the podcast with Aidan to help raise awareness. He was very patient and understanding and allowed me to take my time. I look forward to being able to help others who are living with a voice disorder."
– Margaret
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