NSDA Board of Directors

Charlie Reavis

Bev Matthews

Mary Bifaro
Support Services Director

Susan Beck
Development Director

Jane Gordon

Dennis Kaszeta

Larry Kolasa
Founding President

Bruce Menk
Director/Past President

Dot Sowerby
Director/Past President

Marcia Sterling

Dorothy Tannahill-Moran

Charlie Womble
Director/Past President

Susan Boyles
Legal Counsel

Kimberly Kuman
Executive Director, Ex Officio

NSDA Scientific Advisory Board

Gerald Berke, MD

Craig Evinger, PhD

Julie Barkmeier-Kraemer, PhD, CCC-SLP

Laurie Ozelius, PhD

Carlie Tanner, PhD

NSDA Medical Advisory Board

Robert W. Bastian, MD

Steven A, Bielamowicz, MD

Andrew Blitzer, MD

Joel H, Blumin, MD

David O. Francis

Stacey Halum, MD

Michael Rolnick, PhD

C. Blake Simpson, MD

James Thomas, MD

Peak Woo, MD

NSDA Honorary Board

Scott Adams
Creator of the cartoon "Dilbert"

Johnny Bush
Country and Western Singer and Songwriter
In Memoriam

Chip Hanauer
Unlimited Hydroplane Racer

John Edwardson
Business Executive

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Political Activist and Environmentalist

Christy Ludlow, PhD, CCC-SLP
Founding NSDA Scientific Director

Jean Newcomer
In Memoriam

Diane Rehm
Host of the "Diane Rehm Show" on NPR

Jimmie Rodgers
American Pop Singer and Songwriter
In Memoriam

Daniel Truong, MD
NSDA Founder

NSDA Support Leadership Committee

Mary Bifaro
Support Services Director

Dennis Kaszeta
Area Contact Leader Director

Carol Doles
Eastern Regional Representative

John Comer
Western Regional Representative

Pat Hill
Area Contact Communicator

Dot Sowerby
Online Welcome Committee

David Barton
Support Group Developer

James Anderson
Support Group Developer

NSDA Staff

Kimberly Kuman
Executive Director

Nicole Leitner
Program and Operations Manager

Nancy Panos
Project Advisor

Angie Pinski
Data and Administrative Coordinator