Type to Talk

Type to speech provides a person with a voice disorder the ability to have meaningful one on one conversations.  The technology allows the user to enter what they want to say and the technology will give the words a voice.

sComm UbiDuo

The UbiDuo 3 is a portable communication device that allows for simultaneous, text-based communications.  The device has two units that transport and store together so multiple users can type conversations in real-time. Storage on the device allows you to save the conversation.  Text-speech and connection to external speakers enabled. Benefits include:

  • Can be eligible for insurance coverage
  • Communication is in real-time and can be used in any setting
  • Includes a wireless transceiver between two devices, maintaining connection up to 300 feet.
  • Includes an internal speaker for text to speech communications with a human sounding voice.
  • Audiojack can connect to external speakers.

Pros: Portable, and weighs less than 4 pounds. Does not require the internet, Wifi, data or cellular access to use and is built to last.

Cons: Equipment must be with you to use. Cost of the system.

Real-time Text (RTT)

Real-time text lets you use text to communicate during a phone or video call.  The text that you enter appears to the other person in real time, unlike with chat messaging. For example, if you make a mistake and then delete it, the other person can see the mistake and the deletion. RTT works with TTY and doesn’t require and additional accessories.  If your device supports external devices, a Bluetooth keyboard can be added.    

  • RTT can be selected when desired
  • User can switch back and forth with a voice call
  • Enables real-time communications
  • Can have multiple RTT calls at the same time
  • You can use RTT to call emergency services.

Pros: Built in feature on many phones, includes an audiostream that can be muted if desired.  Produces a transcript of the call.
Cons: Texting may be difficult for some users and requires both parties have devices with the RTT feature available. It is not available when roaming abroad. 

RTT and the iPhone

Help article from Apple on how to use RTT for your iPhone

RTT and Android

Step by step directions on using RTT on Android devices

Amazon Alexa/Echo

How to use RTT during Alexa calls and drop ins.

Personal Voice with Live Speech

With Personal Voice, you can create a synthesized voice that sounds like your own to communicate with family and friends.  Use your Personal Voice to type to speak in FaceTime and phone calls, assistive communication apps, and in-person conversations. 

Record 150 different phrases.  Live Speech uses the recorded voice to generate and speak what you type.  The goal is to offer a voice that mimics your own for times when you are unable to speak yourself. 


  • Can be used in TTS, phone calls, FaceTime calls
  • Voice sounds very close in words and brief phrases
  • Can copy and paste text into text box
  • External Bluetooth keyboard may be used to make communication easier and quicker
  • Use to communicate to voice activated devices


  • Personal voice sounded “robotic” when saying a long passage
  • Takes a dedicated block of time to set up