Brain donation helps solve the mystery of spasmodic dysphonia

Finding the causes of a complex neurological disorder such as spasmodic dysphonia is an enormous task and one that a number of researchers and clinicians have dedicated their lives to pursuing. To understand the etiology of spasmodic dysphonia, we must rely, to a large extent, on the analysis of donated brains. Through the study of these brains, important clues about spasmodic dysphonia can be discovered. When scientists examine samples from donated brains and compare different age groups, genders and so forth, they can begin to gain a better understanding and knowledge of this complicated disorder, which will lead to development of novel therapeutics and treatments. This, in turn, will offer hope for SD-affected individuals and their families.

Dysphonia International working with other organizations of the Dystonia Brain Collective, is proud to partner with the Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center to help solve the mystery of spasmodic dysphonia and other dystonias through brain donation. The Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center is responsible for collecting, preserving, and distributing human tissue to qualified scientific investigators who are conducting important spasmodic dysphonia research.

Since the majority of the scientific research studies can be carried out on a very small amount of tissue, each donated brain provides a very large amount that can be used by many different researchers at institutions throughout the U.S. and worldwide. When you enroll as a brain donor, you are giving a very precious gift which will benefit future generations.


  1. Contact Dysphonia International with any questions about this program or to start the pre-enrollment process either by phone: 630-250-4504 or email: or click here to register online.
  2. Talk to your family about your important decision to further advance voice research by becoming a brain donor.
  3. Complete the Donor Registration Form to Dysphonia International. A card indicating that you are a brain donor for your wallet will then be mailed to you.

Thank you for considering becoming a Brain Donor and making a wonderful gift that can contribute to the understanding of spasmodic dysphonia and related voice conditions!