A voice amplifier is a small speaker that links to a microphone or microphone headset to make your voice louder.  These systems are small enough to fit in a handbag but powerful enough to provide amplification of your voice even in difficult public settings.  To achieve the best results, portable amplifiers are best when used for your normal speaking voice at lower volume settings.  Benefits include:

Increases the volume of your voice
• A small speaker is worn on a belt, armband, lanyard, or on an article of clothing
• The microphone can be a headset, lapel mic, or hand-held
• The microphone can be wired or wireless

Pros: Portability, inexpensive options, adjustable volume, options available to match activity
Cons: Feedback if the microphone is too close to speaker, may be too loud for listeners close to the speaker

Top 10 Voice Amplifiers

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Using your smartphone to amplify your speech is a readily available solution.  With these apps and your phone, you can easily project your voice, think karaoke, however the phone’s speaker does not provide the best sound coverage.   While it’s a low-cost option and does not rely on you carrying around additional equipment, it is best paired with a portable Bluetooth speaker.  

• An ever-ready solution 
• Many apps to choose from
• Bluetooth speaker can be added to enhance your voice

Pros: Portability, low-cost options, flexibility to connect to different speaker systems, could be used as an intercom.
Cons: Feedback if the microphone is too close to the Bluetooth speaker.  

Voice Amplifier Apps

Here is a list of apps that would work on your phone to amplify your voice. It's ideal when pairing with a portable Bluetooth speaker.

Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers

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The Whisp app is an innovative speech-to-speech AI software to assist individuals with voice disorders.  Whispp is an app for iOS and Android devices that uses AI to convert a user’s whispered speech into a clear and natural voice without any delays.  

• Real-time communication
• No additional equipment required
• Ideal for whisperers 
• App can be used to repeat wors or phrases in-person or during phone call or video calls.

Pros: Real time, user can whisper to speak, user can talk and portray a healthier voice, user can choose from a library of voices.
Cons: Fee to make calls (monthly and annual plans available), cost for going over call allotment

Bluetooth Noise Canceling Microphone (phone and computer)

Description: Noise canceling microphones greatly reduce/cancel background noises.


  • Blocks out background noises for the listener on the other end of a call
  • May be used with a mobile phone and/or a computer
  • Variety of headset styles
  • Depending on headset style, may also come with noise canceling headphones


  • Needs recharging
  • Battery life
  • Placement of mic in relation to mouth can affect outcome

Links for headset evaluated and explanations of technology:

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) vs Microphone Noise Cancellation This video is a great description of the two types of noise cancelation, but it is a review for a product not evaluated.

Tour Guide System

Description: The tour guide systems typically involve a transmitter/microphone device (used by the tour guide) along with multiple receiver/headset devices (used by tour participants).  The system can be used by persons with voice disorders to communicate with one or more people.  The person with the voice disorder wears a small transmitter on a lanyard around the neck and uses a headset, lapel, or hand-held microphone.  Listeners wear a small receiver on a lanyard around the neck and use a headset or ear buds. 


  • Background noises are greatly reduced
  • Allows for communication with intended listeners
  • Two-way systems are also available
  • Variety of options for microphones and listening devices


  • A device must be worn
  • Need extra receivers if there are several listeners

Link for individual sales:

Company: Implecho Audio Communication Solutions

Device Evaluated: Mini 900 MHZ Digital Portable Transmitter and Receiver

This company offered a free demo for its products.  They also offer different options for microphones and listening devices.  Alternatively, you could choose to use your own microphone/ear buds/etc.  They were great to work with and the product worked well.  Cost varies with choice of microphone and listening device.  Approximate cost for standard version is $650.