2020 Midge Kovacs Award

For their work in 2019 and several years prior to that, the award this year is given to Dennis Kaszeta and the Greater Detroit NSDA Support Group. Truly, Dennis follows in the footsteps of the late pioneering SD advocate, Midge Kovacs.


NSDA Awareness Face Masks

Having a voice disorder can be challenging, but having to wear a mask can make it even harder with the additional effort to project your voice. With these awareness masks, you can let people know that you have a voice disorder without having to say a word.

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2020 NSDA Virtual Symposium

The 2020 NSDA Virtual Symposium will take place on Saturday, May 2, 2020, with a combination of live and pre-recorded presentations. This conference was originally scheduled to take place in the Detroit area, but it was canceled due to the situation with the COVID19 pandemic.