Gratitude Challenge

What’s drug-free, makes you feel good physically and emotionally, improves your sleep, builds a strong immune system and gives you a positive outlook?


Yes, more and more studies are being done on the benefits of gratitude which means that it has gone from “woo-woo” to science.  Gratitude is one of the simplest ways of making yourself feel good and with enough consistency of practicing gratitude; it can shift you into a “feel-good” cycle. Gratitude helps build a strong self-esteem and a positive worldview.

Some people do things like keeping a gratitude journal, which is great if you are the type that has a good journaling habit.  But, journaling may not be a great tool for everyone to develop a gratitude habit. We’ve cooked up a method to not only make you feel good while you’re recording your gratitude but also long enough to help you develop a new life tool.  We invite you to join in.

Two challenges exist when it comes to building a gratitude habit.  First, is to keep the momentum and second, is to have an inspiration for or observation of something in your life to be grateful for.  It can be hard to think of things to be grateful for once you’ve been grateful for your parents and your last raise.  The key is to observe and find gratitude for the small things that come your way each and every day.

To address these challenges, my friend Cathleen King and me, developed a 60-day gratitude challenge calendar with daily prompts for things to be grateful for.  It will be fun to think things aligned with the prompts. The calendar is below for your use and a VERY brief set of instructions.  Keep in mind it’s not as important to follow what’s been outlined as it is for you to simply find gratitude every day long enough to develop a habit.

60-Day Gratitude Challenge

Join us beginning January 1 for an opportunity to build your Gratitude Habit.  Using the calendar below with a daily prompt for 60 days, post your gratitude on Facebook.  You can either start an original post on your timeline or add to ours (Cathleen King and/or Dorothy Tannahill-Moran—be sure to “friend” us).  Be sure to add hashtags: #60daygratitudechallenge, #ifeelthelove to your post.

Feel free to send this calendar to your friends, family, followers, archenemies, customers, and complete strangers!

PDF Version of the Calendar

January Calendar

February Calendar

by Dorothy Tanahill-Moran