Help Test Out a Phone Service Using an Communication Assistant

Woman speaking through a headset on a computer

We have received a request from Sorenson Communications for volunteers. They are looking for people with vocal disorders to test a program utilizing a communication assistant* during a phone call. Sorenson Communication is a language service provider and the world’s leading communication servicer for deaf and hard-of-hearing people. They are now trying to learn more about the challenges of people who are living with a voice or speech disorder to see if their services might be able to assist during phone calls.

There is no obligation to participate. We are sharing the opportunity if it is of interest to you.

Below is more information about the request, and if you are interested in trying this program out, please reach out to Tyler Kropf at or 949-296-5613.


Sorenson Communications is looking for individuals who have difficulty using the phone due to a speech impairment/voice disorder and would benefit from having a communications assistant* on the call to support them.  Volunteers would have a short initial conversation with our team over Zoom, phone, email or text (whatever the volunteer prefers) to share information about our service and then move to a test call with our communications assistant. 

When the call concludes, our team will have a few questions and request feedback on the experience.  The more feedback we have, the more it helps us create the best telecommunication solutions possible for the most people.  The initial call will be around 8-10 minutes, and the “test” call and post-call discussion will be another 10-15 minutes.  We thank you for your support and appreciate any time and feedback you can provide.  Please contact me either via email at or on my cell at 949-296-5613. Thank you, Tyler

*What is a Communication Assistant?
A Communication Assistant (CA) is a trained 3rd person support. The CA will be on the line with the caller and repeat the spoken sentences verbatim or simply stand by and wait until help is needed. To place a call, one dials our relay number, gets connected to a CA, then the CA will dial the outside number. Once connected, the CA will briefly introduce the concept of a speech relay call, setting the expectation that you have a speech impairment and may need more time or assistance when your speech isn’t clear.