Thank you for your interest in being an Area Contact Leader

No one understands what you are going through better than someone who also lives with a voice disorder. Many places do not have sufficient numbers of people living with a voice disorder like spasmodic dysphonia to form a local support group, but there is a definite need for people who are newly diagnosed to make contact with an local person to share experiences and to know ‘they are not alone’. The same applies to people who have lived with a voice disorder for some time and wish to take the first steps in reaching out to others. 

An Area Contact Leader can provide a lifeline, information on doctors, experiences with treatments, tips to help you thrive and lifelong friendships. By being an Area Contact Leader you have the ability to connect with others in a positive and supportive way while empowering both the people who contact you and yourself as a leader. Contact is usually made via email but at times people may want to talk on the phone, if you are comfortable. Please read through this position description to get a better understanding of the responsibilities, qualifications and benefits of being an Area Contact Leader in your community.


This informational survey will help us to get to know you better so that we can help to ensure your success as an Area Contact Leader. Please note any question with an asterisk (*) is required. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at Thank you! 

Information for people who want to serve as an Area Contact Leader

  • We list our Area Contact Leader in our online support directory. This includes a broad geographical location, for example, San Antonio, TX, greater Pittsburgh, or eastern Dallas suburbs. How would you like your location to be listed?

  • As this is a peer-to-peer support network, we encourage people who have a voice disorder like spasmodic dysphonia to participate. Check as many as apply.
    Being active on social media or participating on Zoom calls is not a requirement to be an Area Contact Person. This just helps us gage your comfort level with these items.

    We would like to know more about your past involvement and familiarity with the our community up to this point.
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