Are You Ready to Walk for Talk?

On Sunday, we had the first beautiful day after five miserably rainy days, with seventy degrees, sunshine and puffy clouds floating in the sky.  We went to a local trail in the forest preserve where it seemed that thousands of people had the same thought, get outside and enjoy the day.  But as I biked past people, walking or running, I noticed that there were a number of fundraising events in action. There were people everywhere, representing a number of different causes. They were happily chatting in small family and friend groups, walking their dog, pushing strollers, running with a buddy, all while proudly wearing their branded t-shirts for their event.

I immediately thought of the upcoming 2020 virtual Walk for Talk event in October.  Wouldn’t it be great if the NSDA was represented with such enthusiasm, all those smiles, and the camaraderie of a small group of family and friends focused on raising funds for this amazing community.  I was curious too. Are they talking about their non-profit and telling their story of why it is important to them? Are they initiating conversations with strangers and building awareness? Is their family stronger now because they did this one thing together? I couldn’t help but wonder.

After what I saw on Sunday at the forest preserve, I can’t wait to get my group together.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s photos, comments, hashtags, and posts. These virtual walks really bring people together. 

So, if you haven’t already signed up or created your Walk for Talk Team, the site is officially launched and ready for you to start. Goodie bags with t-shirts, stickers and more are available and will ship in time to proudly wear your NSDA color. 

2020 Virtual Walk for Talk 5K and Fun Run
October 22-25, 2020

There’s no cost to participate or initiate conversations about your voice, just be a part of what we hope will be an amazing weekend.

PS: We are so excited for our new sticker packs for the 2020 virtual Walk for Talk event. Sticker Mule did an amazing job – their overall quality, unique tools (like this photo background remover), and quick turn-around are why we love working with them. We can’t wait to ship the stickers out as part of our Goodie Bag swag for you to enjoy!